Thursday, November 10, 2011

Good news, bad news

The good Aga news is - the gas pipes passed inspection today, with flying colours, the inspector was very impressed with the quality of the work. 
The bad news?  Although the advertisement for the Aga said that it was Natural Gas fueled, it has been 'converted' at some time in its life, to propane - and now we need either to convert it back or to buy a new natural gas compatible burner, the jury is still out on which will be the cheaper option.  We're waiting to hear back from the dealership...

Good news - they can definitely help us to get the correct burner.

Bad news - probably not until after Thanksgiving! 


Good knitting news, there are some VERY pretty things living at my house right now. 

Bad news - pictures are going to have to wait because it's late and I'm tired and the pics are not uploading properly. 

Good family news - Parent teacher conferences at the U today, Becca is doing well and has settled in beautifully - hurrah!   

Bad news - It took until 9pm to tell me this, and then another half hour to drive home, yawn! 

Good sleeping news, we have the day off on Friday, we can sleep in. 

bad news - tomorrow is Thursday!  :-( 

Anecdotal news, the word news starts to look REALLY weird after you type it for the 9th or 10th time.

'Thank goodness for that' news, I'm out of news...  more tomorrow! 

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