Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visions of sugarplums...

It feels like a long time since we harvested delicious fruit from the garden and the hedgerow, but a dear friend asked me today about sugarplums, and so here's a picture or two of the pretties from our garden...

apples and sugarplums from the garden, blackberries from the local hedgerows.

they're so pretty! 

In investigating sugarplums, I have learned that the 'sugarplums' from the Night Before Christmas are actually not plums at all, but plum-shaped confections made from chopped dried fruit and nuts and rolled in sugar to make them pretty!  Who knew?  Looks like we might have to make some of those soon, since our tree plums were eaten up months ago! 

It's a quiet day with the Aga today, we're hanging out at home, the fire will be going as soon as I'm done chatting to you, and we'll be reading and knitting and resting and healing.  We have vague plans to make mince pies later, but we'll see... 

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  1. Those plums look so delicious, and I am having memories of my mother's plum cake right now. :)