Monday, September 7, 2015

Time for Socks

It's here, folks, already - it is time for socks!   The warmth of summer may come back for one last hurrah, but the last couple of days have been chilly and rainy, and when I walked in the door of Tolt Yarn and Wool yesterday and saw their beautiful display of Hyak hiking socks, I knew I had to have a pair or two...

So I bought two skeins of yarn and the pattern, and yesterday evening I did this...

Two skeins of Cestari two-ply aran weight wool on a US 5 - going to be a pretty hard-wearing sock! I'm excited! 

The US Open is on tv, Andy Murray will be playing in a bit, and it's Labor Day, so I have the day off work.... these socks are just asking to be knitted, right?

There are a couple of practical things that need to be taken care of - a quick trip to get haircuts, Kohls to get some new jeans for the eldest, essential oils to be blended and sprayed around the outside of the house to keep the monster wolf spiders at bay (hey, does anyone have a really good natural way to keep those little beasties on the OUTside of the house?  Let me know if you do, all ideas gratefully received.) - but for the most part, there's just tennis and knitting... should at least finish the first sock today.

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