Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Is What Saturday Looks Like.

Saturday is a day for getting done what we need to get done.  In our house, it looks like this....

Bri is busy in the kitchen,

Cabinets need to come out so that we can install fireproof drywall. 

Cabinets out, drywall out, new wiring completed.  Socket on the left will be over the baking counter, AGA will sit between the two sockets.  We'll pull the bottom cabinets later, when we have new cabinets to go in there.
the girls are both lost in books...

One is lost in the latest Hardy Boys adventure. 
The other is lost in 14th Century French history notes! 

and me?  Well, I'm not needed for wiring or plumbing right now, so I'm keeping the woodstove stocked, and working on this,
It's a scarf, but it's beautifully shaped so that it wraps well, and this makes the work rather more complicated than a rectangular scarf would be.  In summary - it's kicking my butt!  ;-)
So far, I'm loving Saturday! 

1 comment:

  1. Nice work! How can you girls concentrate on your reading, studying and knitting during the demo process? I'm so very impressed with your multi talented family :) When is this knitting going to be available on Etsy??