Friday, February 20, 2015


In the last 2 weeks, three people have asked me 'do you still blog?', and I wondered whether maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something...

I can't really tell you why I stopped, suffice it to say it's been a challenging couple of years, and I'm not planning to revisit any of it here, so let's move forward and see where we go...

Let's begin with the addition to our family dictionary:

Cravalanche (Noun):
    1.  (literal) An avalanche of crap.
    2.  A continuum of challenging events that has no known cause or any discernible date of cessation.  These events have not been earned nor are they deserved in any way.

    How to use it in a sentence: the last 4 weeks of my life have been an absolute cravalanche!

    Picture examples of events that may contribute towards a cravalanche:  when you do this for a living,

and then this happens while you are minding your own business walking down the street...

or when you need to use this every day,

and then this happens while you are stopped outside of school letting kids cross the street...

It's not good!  Those who love me have gently informed me that I have a black eye, bruising on my back that I cannot see, as well as the things that I am aware of, of course.  And my own body informed me unceremoniously today that I have to go to bed and I don't have any other options!

The upside is that my wrist is barely noticeable now, under the cravalanche of other things that hurt.  It's 3.30 in the afternoon, and I'm going for a nap!

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