Saturday, December 17, 2011

and finally...

... the Aga in the kitchen is working!  She came to life at about 4.30pm PST and she is now up to temperature and ready to rock and roll.  Well, truthfully, she is more likely to just gently stroll along, but I am ready to rock and roll! 

I have so much to do before Christmas, and only a week to get it all done, and I'm excited!  First stop, roasting a chicken, I have been craving good roast chicken and the combi oven just isn't up to the job, unfortunately!  Then cranberry sauce, stollen, Christmas cake, Christmas puddings, mince pies, fudge - all the things! 

We are so excited, it feels so nice in the kitchen to have that gentle glow of warmth coming from her side of the room.  We have named her Constance, because she is always ready to feed us, and everything else feels like it's going to be okay now that we have this beautiful, dependable friend sharing our home.  Welcome, Constance, we are thankful for you and we will be spending a LOT of time with you! 

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