Friday, December 16, 2011

So Close We Can Taste It...

It's been a busy couple of weeks here, Becca has had her very first finals, and we have had a lot of work to do on the house, to try to get it cleaned up for the insurance company, who wanted ALL the things mended at once before theyw ould insure us for another year!  We now have a new roof, a new garage door that doesn't scream like a banshee very time we open it, and 2 large woodstores stocked to the rafters with cut wood.  My dear husbands jeans are falling down, he has, literally, worked his butt off cleaning up 30 years of debris and hoarding from around the yard! 
New roof, new gutter, new garage door.  I can't wait to wash the shingles and get them cleaned up a little, too!  

Last weekend we lost patience with the Aga company, who have made no effort whatsoever to send us the parts we ordered, and we spent Sunday evening on our computers (all 4 of us) searching HVAC and commercial cooking suppliers for the 2 small pieces we needed.  They arrived today. 

Tiny aren't they?  Amazing how much trouble little things can be!


This evening Brian rebuilt the burner, with the new natural gas compatible parts, and it's installed and ready to go.  Tomorrow morning he will call the gas company and ask them to come out and turn on the gas supply and light the pilot light, and then we will be ready to go.  It takes about 2 days to get the Aga up to full cooking temperature but, at this point, it is still possible that we will have proper cooking facilities for Christmas! 

In other excellent news - for those of you who are sick of winter already, do not despair - spring is on the way, it said so in Safeway...

Oddly enough, this display was only present that one time, and it has now been hidden away til after Christmas! 

I feel quite disoriented this evening - today was such a strange day.  Caity got up, ate breakfast, didn't feel well, and went off to sleep in my bed til 11am!  Becca didn't even show up until 1.30pm - after several very late nights working on last minute exam prep, she really needed some sleep!  I was up late last night, and woke at 7 this morning, so by mid-afternoon I was napping on the couch, and Bri has just gone to bed after a 90-minute long snooze by the fire - we really need to get some 'normal' sleeping going on! 

The fire is so inviting though, it's hard to leave it and go to a chilly bed, far nicer to snuggle up here and doze off...maybe I'll stay just a little longer... 

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