Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Which We Are Reminded Of Why We Usually Opt To DO IT OURSELVES!!!!

A veritable catalogue of disasters this week, but I refuse to be stressed out.  Our roofer has committed many crimes, most of them against grade school mathematics, at which he cannot be said to excel! 

It all started when he posted a 30% off coupon on his website, and then tried to deduct $300 from my $10,000 bill (using simple numbers here for those who are percentage impaired, his numbers were both bigger and more complicated, but he did have a calculator!), which he called 'honoring the coupon'!  When I pointed out his error, he looked at me horrified, and said 'I can't do THAT, I'd lose money'! 

So he wrote up a 3% discount instead.  Then he went home, and edited his website, and is now offering a 5% coupon - which is clearly worth MORE than the 3% he gave me - we're still waiting to have THAT conversation!

Now at this point you are probably wondering why we did not simply select a different builder.  Well, the fact is that, even without the 30% coupon, this guy came in several thousand dollars under the next lowest quote and, as we don't have money to burn, it seemed impractical to spend 25% more on the same product just by buying it in a different store. 

Yesterday, I got home, after dark, to find that the roofers had gone away.  This was a little worrying, since there was still a mess of dropped shingles all over the floor - they hadn't cleaned up!  A walk outside with a flashlight revealed that they hadn't finished the roof either - they have no more shingles!!!!  A full 1/6th of the roof is not done, but the shingles are all gone!  So now the truck will have to come out and deliver another batch, and the roofers will have to come back for the 4th day of a 2 day job. 

I guess now that 1/6th of the roof is not completed, we can see how his quote was so much lower than everyone elses - not only are we dealing with the percentage impaired, but it seems that 'area' isn't too sound of a concept either...

This would not be so bad but for 2 things - the dumpster is supposed to be leaving today.  This is because at 11am Monday the garage door is being delivered and installed!  I see a conflict arising...

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