Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As Much As I Would Like To Be....

...I'm just not a daily blogger!  Life gets in the way, and so I am an occasional blogger! 

Yesterday was one of those mad days where, all of a sudden, after weeks and weeks of seeming to make no progress, a million things get done! 

I planted some fuchsias in the hanging box outside the kitchen window - it's such a lovely place to have flowers!  

The first peony of the year burst out of the bud...
The first rhodo hit full flower...
and it's a beauty! 
We hauled home a bit of wood for the woodstore - I put my size 7 shoe on there so you can see just how big that log is - it was quite the workout!  We brought home almost an entire tree - we left just one small piece about 12 inches long and 6 inches across... the ominous buzzing noises and the fact that it appeared to have been hollowed out and stuffed with moss did NOT lead me to want to put it in my car! 
It's last year's wood, so it should be good for burning soon if we can get it cut and split at the weekend. 
And the daffodils that we unearthed from the ivy pile out the front have burst into life, too...

Add to that the fact that we now have 3 healthy rhubarb plants in the veggie patch -

and Bri spent Sunday fencing it in,
it looks like Spring might have made it to our house! 


  1. I cannot get over that peony!! Everything else is stunning too, but I will have to wai at least another month for my first peony to come out.

  2. Love your flower photos - they're beautiful. I think I won't have my first Peony for a month also...