Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Search Of Rest...

We are on holiday!  By 'we' I mean the girls and I, and by 'holiday' I mean tucked up in a little cabin on the waterfront on Camano Island.  It's bliss!  There were a few little settling in issues, but we're all straight now, and it's going to be lovely!

This is 20 feet from our front door!  Becca put a stick in the ground to mark the water level - but by the time we came back an hour later it had been washed away by the speeding water!  

We arrived at 4pm today to find the tide on the way in and the pretty pebbles getting a wash.  We didn't even check out the cabin, we went straight down the boat ramp to see the view...

It's really rather pretty!
We turned around from the water, and saw this...

Home sweet teeny tiny home, for the next 2 weeks!
It's a lot smaller than we thought it would be from the pictures, and it is FULL of stuff.  There is not enough space in the kitchen cabinets to store a box of pasta or a sachet of KoolAid (not that we drink KoolAid, but you know what I mean) it is CRAMMED full of stuff, all sorts of stuff, most of it of little use.

We have emptied the bathroom cabinets of their stuff so that we can put our stuff in there, because otherwise we'd be carrying our shower gel to the bathroom every day, which seems silly - but then we had the problem of where to put the displaced stuff, so it's been shoe-horned into a book case in the sitting room, which is doubling as my bedroom because the 'double room with loft' turned out to be the worlds smallest double bed with a twin mattress crammed onto a shelf above the staircase!  Rebecca LOVES little spaces, secret nests, corners, fun little places, but this was just NOT going to work - she is over 5 feet tall, for a start - she wouldn't even be able to sit up up there, and there's no room for her books, either, which is a disaster in itself!  So she has one bedroom, Caity has the other, and I am sleeping down here, on an IKEA pull out which seems quite comfy.

Every shelf in the place is stuffed with books, cd's, dvds and videos.  There is nowhere to put our own books, and even the dresser drawers are filled with Other People's Things!  It's very odd, and not terribly welcoming, although others who have stayed here have thought it marvellous that they didn't need to bring their own shower gel because Somebody Else's shower gel was in the shower ready and waiting for them - yick!

But we've made a little space for ourselves and our things, and we've covered up the stained couch with a huge IKEA comforter and now it's much more welcoming, and we went for a walk and found...

...a place for Becca to sit and read.

that the tide comes in really quite fast - this was passable when we left and only climbable when we returned less than an hour later!

and that there are really rather a LOT of things to climb on around here! 
The walk was wonderful, there are agates galore in the beach pebbles, Caity and I came home with handfuls of rocks and pretty pretty shells.  We made ourselves some nachos for dinner and then sat around reading and chatting, and I went out to watch the fireworks in the dark, although they were really too far away to be any fun.  It was a beautiful evening, cooler than the day but not cold, just 'eveningish'.  It's SO quiet here, I love it!

This is the view from the front porch, over the flowers and down to the water - the tide comes all the way up to the bottom of that little boat ramp, and the water is moving very very fast - no swimming for us!  After dark I could see the crab boats moored out in the water, silhouetted by the distant lights of the nearest town.  

I spent the evening mending the holes under the toes of 2 pairs of felted slippers so that Caity and I have something for our feet - the floors are wood and a bit chilly at times.  We had a chat with Dad over Skype, and now the girls are tucked up in their beds and I am enjoying a little quiet before I call it a night, too.  Becca and I are planning to get up at 6 to watch the Wimbledon Tennis Final - I'll be cheering on Andy Murray, but Becca is not yet sure where her allegiance will lie, she has been a Federer fan for a long time now!

Sweet dreams, I wish you could hear the water lapping on the pebbles, it's very restful x

P.S.  I miss Connie - there is no Aga in the kitchen here!

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