Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It's been a lovely day, if a little weird.  Our link to the outside world was expected to be a little tenuous, and indeed it was, but not in the way we expected! 

We woke expecting to have no electricity, as per the sign at the end of the road announcing the 'scheduled outage from 8 til 2' today.  When it got to 11am and we still had a light on, I put a loaf of bread on and said a quick prayer to the Goddess of Yummy Lunches, asking that 2 hours might elapse without any disturbance to our dear and beloved bread maker.

We had a late breakfast, because we all slept til around 10, (I confess I got up at 7 and opened the door so I could hear the waves crashing on the wall, it was high tide, and then I fell back asleep listening) 

and then we lazed around in the sun reading books.  Late afternoon we decided we were hungry so we made a spot of lunch, and then we lazed around, reading books.  Then we played a game called Hoopla, which is one of those great Cranium games that are always fun, and we laughed a lot, and at about 8 we realised we'd had no dinner, so we fried some sausages and mashed some potatoes and listened to some cd's that are stacked in the cabinet here.  I educated the girls on the loveliness that is The Mills Brothers, and then we caught a few tracks of Glenn Miller, a little Simon and Garfunkel (the cd is badly scratched after track 4, very disappointing) and on to Nat King Cole.

As I stood in the kitchen moving potatoes around in the pan with my hands to get them all under the water, singing along to the Mills Bros, I suddenly realised that I was living my Nan's life, she used to do the exact same thing - it was lovely to remember her so suddenly.

After dinner, we lazed around and read books, fought with the dodgy internet, took pictures of the obviously broken connector and sent them to Dad so that he might figure out how to fix it, and eventually discovered a way to prop up the ethernet wire so that it connects with the circuit board, but I mustn't nudge the table otherwise it goes off again!  Just another of the many quirks in this cottage!

I think that my shoulder needs a little after sun, I think the slightly heavier breeze today made the sun less noticeable on my skin, but I can feel it now!  And it's probably time to sleep soon, too, after I find out what happens to Delia in my book!  Tomorrow we might even go for a walk!

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