Sunday, July 8, 2012

Winners and more winners

It's our first whole day on Camano, and we woke early to watch the Wimbledon Singles Final for the men.  Roger Federer was after his 7th victory and Andy Murray was seeking the first British win for many decades. 

It was excellent sport, we cheered for both men because they both played the game of their lives, but in the end only one gets to hold the trophy. 

Andy Murray was tearful, sad to have disappointed those who have cheered him on for so long - but we could see only winners today, two great athletes who devote their time and energy into being the best they can be at what they do.  If only there were more people in the world who held that devotion, that determination, that spirit, in themselves, just think what the world might look like. 

Our own little world looks like we have not a single care, and it feels that way, too.  I sat upstairs on the deck with my spinning for an hour this morning, working with some beautiful polwarth/silk fiber in delicious shades of purple and blue - look...

It will be yarn in a few days, how many days depends largely on how many naps I take!  ;-)  

After a quick shower in the teeny tiny bathroom we headed out to get a few groceries - we had brought the bread machine with us to bake fresh bread each day but forgot the yeast, and the cottage could use a conversation with some Clorox wipes, so we drove off island and went to Stanwood.  We added french bread, pastrami, doughnuts, icecream, and various chocolate items to the needed purchases, and ate the bread and pastrami on the way home, driving through the tree-lined lanes in the quiet of the early afternoon.

The people are lovely - the lad stocking the freezers in the grocery store asked if we minded him pushing his cart in front of us, as we were browsing and he had places to be.  And the lady I stepped backwards and got in the way of waved off my apology and was sorry for having rushed me!  

Now we're having a little post-lunch quiet time, Caity is lost in a book, Becca is busy writing, and I'm here with you, catching you up on the day so far.  The tide hit its lowest about 90 minutes ago, so we're going to go for our walk in a bit, planning to be back by six to ensure that we don't get stranded up a tree!  Caitlin is making burgers for dinner, I've put the dough on for buns, and then we'll knit and read and chat until we're too tired to stay awake any more. 

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